I believe a majority would say “yes” to this question.  With the way the economy has been, why wouldn’t we want to save a few thousand.  According to Consumer Reports you are able save at least $31, 000 when you keep a car for 15 years, or 225,000 miles of driving. $31,000 is a lot of money and how do you obtain that maybe the next question you ask. Easy, by properly maintaining your vehicle!  Here are some great ways to maintain the longevity of your car.

  • Follow the maintenance guide in your owner’s manual and make needed repairs promptly.
  • Use only the recommended types of fluids, including oil and transmission fluids.
  • Check under the hood regularly. Listen for strange sounds, sniff for odd smells and look for fraying or bulges in pipes or belts. 
  • Get a vehicle service manual, these are going to be available at most auto parts store or the dealership.
  • Clean the car carefully inside and out.  It’s not just to keep your car looking nice and clean, but it also helps prevent premature rust.  And vacuuming the inside of your car prevents premature wear on the carpets from sand and grit.

 As you can see, a little TLC will make your car last and save your wallet a few thousand.   That is why at Rolf’s Import Auto we take pride in making sure your car gets the quality service it deserves.