It is perhaps a reality-based joke that summer begins on July 5th in the Northwest, but did you know that your driving habits should be adjusted according to the seasonal conditions?  The skilled and compassionate staff at Rolf’s Import Auto Service want to offer some tips to help you stay safe throughout this summer of fun.

For starters, be well rested before you start and make sure to take frequent breaks along the way if you find yourself getting tired or fatigued from the heat or the sunshine.  If you find yourself on the road with folks heading out on camping trips, allow more room than usual when passing an RV or trailer.  Those trailers are certainly larger than cars, and oftentimes they aren’t driven as much as regular commuter vehicles, so their operators may be unaware of their own size or space on the interstate.

Keep all your lights clean.  That sounds like it goes without saying, but a break in the rainy season actually contributes to a dusty buildup on the surface of your vehicle.  Give the car a wash regularly, and make sure to check your lights before heading out on the road.  

Be prepared for rain. Just because the roads are dry now doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to stay that way.  Summertime rain can roll in pretty quickly, and if you are adventuring further out in the country, you might encounter some downpours or weather that is outside of what you usually expect.  Be prepared to have to adjust as needed.  

Even on overcast days, sunshine can cause problems for drivers. The best ways to deal with this issue are:

  • Follow speed limits. The maximum is not a suggestion, but a hard limit imposed for everyone’s safety—including yours.
  • Stay at least 4 or 5 seconds away from other cars. The closer you are to the car in front of you, the less time you have to react if they have to suddenly brake for any reason.
  • Keep your windshield in good condition. That means keeping it clean and repairing rock chips as soon as you notice them.  Often, those chip repairs are covered by your insurance company.  Check your policy to make sure.  
  • Use sunglasses or a sun visor.  Keep an extra pair of sunglasses in the car for those days where the marine layer burns off, and we are left with a bright, blinding day.
  • Finally, don’t be afraid to pull over if the sun is shining too brightly in your eyes for you to drive safely.

Summertime goes by quickly.  Too quickly, sometimes.  Staying safe throughout all of the seasons means there will be more fun to have in the future.  As always, your expert technicians at Rolf’s Import Auto Service are ready and willing to make sure your vehicle is in tiptop shape for all of your adventures, regardless of where the road will take you! 

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