Rolf’s Foreign and Import Auto Services

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Premier import services
and repairs since 1970

Since 1970, Rolf’s Import Auto Service has provided premium import auto repair services that are second to none. Our longstanding, loyal customers are a testament to the excellent customer service we strive for every day.

Both our Lakewood and Fife auto repair shops are fully equipped with the latest technologies and equipment. Our professional auto repair mechanics receive ongoing training to stay on top of the latest techniques.

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Specialty Services For Each Import Auto

See our Vehicle Repairs page to learn more about unique services Rolf's Import Auto provides for each import auto manufacturer.

Blue BMW M3 series

We Provide Fleet Vehicle Services

See our Vehicle Repairs page to learn more about unique services Rolf's Import Auto provides for each import auto manufacturer.

Types of Services We Provide

Air Conditioning and Climate Control Systems

Brake Service and Repair

Computer Diagnostics

Cooling System

Electrical Services and Repairs


Battery Services

Engine Repairs

Exhaust System and Mufflers

Fuel System


Comprehensive Inspections

Safety Inspections

Used Car Purchase Inspections

Oil, Lube and Filter Service

Radiator Repair

Suspension and Alignment



Tune Ups

We Got You Covered

Washington State Authorized Emissions Specialist

Your vehicle’s emissions system helps keep our environment clean. If you have failed an emissions test, your vehicle is producing higher emissions, which increases the amount of pollution in our environment. It also reduces the performance of your vehicle and negatively impacts its fuel mileage.

Rolf’s Import Auto is a WA State Authorized Emissions Specialist! If your vehicle fails an emissions test, we can perform tests to learn the cause and provide the needed repairs.

Nationwide Auto Repair Warranty

Rolf’s Import Auto stands behind all of our auto repair and service work. We only use materials and parts that meet or exceed manufacturer standards. Our work is backed by a Nationwide Auto Repair Warranty, valid for 12 Months or 12,000 miles after the date of the original repair. You can extend the warranty to 36 Months / 36,000 Miles if you bring your vehicle in to Rolf’s Import Auto for service or inspection at least twice a year.

Excellence in Brake and Safety Performance

Brake Repair And Service

The safety and reliability of the braking system in your Audi, VW, BMW or Mercedes is absolutely critical—there is no room for compromise. Our expert mechanics provide the highest quality brake service and repair, backed by years of experience, ongoing training, and the most up-to-date technology and tools available.

Our ASE Certified Technicians take the safety of your braking system seriously and will ensure that your brake system provides maximum protection and stopping power for you and your family.

Brake Services Include...

Testing and Inspection Of Pulls, Noises, Fading or
Other Braking Problems

Complete Disc Brake Service or Repair

Complete Drum Brake Service or Repair

Wheel Cylinder and Caliper Replacement

Master Cylinder Service or Repair

Parking Brake Service or Repair

Brake Rotors and Drums


Power Boosters

Brake Fluid Flush and Service

Automobile Cooling System

Radiator Repair and Service

You may not think about your vehicle’s cooling system as often as you think about changing the oil, rotating tires, or the other common auto repair and maintenance services needed to keep your foreign car running smoothly. However, the cooling system in your Audi, BMW, Mercedes, or VW provides a vital function for your car by keeping it cool and preventing overheating.

We recommend a check-up for your car’s cooling system every two years to ensure that your cooling system is at peak performance and reliability. One of the important services your cooling system needs is a cooling system fluid flush.

Bring your car to Rolf’s Import Auto if you are experiencing:

  • Antifreeze (coolant) on the pavement
  • Temperature warning light comes on or the temperature gauge is reading higher than usual
  • Engine overheating
  • Reduced performance of your air conditioner or heater
  • Antifreeze (coolant) on the floor of your vehicle

Radiator Repair Services include...

Cooling System Services and Repairs

Cooling System Fluid Exchange (Flush)

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair and Service

Radiator Repair and Service

Pressure Cap Check

Cooling Fan Service and Repair

Complete Cooling System Inspections

Advanced computer vehicle diagnostics