You don’t have to rely on the luck o’ the Irish to save green this month. Just drive more mindfully and you’ll see cost savings year-round! When you drive smarter, you’re also being green, because it benefits the earth as well as your wallet.

Here are five tips to help you save a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…or highway!

  1. Stick to the speed limit.

Not only will driving the speed limit save you money on potential speeding tickets, but it will also help you eliminate drag—a major consumer of gas. Keeping slower, steady speeds maximizes the efficiency of the engine and the gas it uses.

  1. Don’t warm up your car for too long

Is it just us, or has it been colder than usual for this time of year? Nevertheless, don’t run your car to heat it up for more than one minute—tops. After a minute, the gas usage really begins to add up, wasting your money and polluting the air.

  1. Turn off your engine when you can.

Waiting at a train crossing? Sitting in the pick-up line at school? You may have heard the myth that it costs more to stop and restart the car, but this isn’t usually the case. Turn off that engine to save money and do your part for the environment.

  1. Change your filters regularly.

Filters are the unsung heroes of fuel efficiency—and often go forgotten. Change your air filter as soon as it is dirty to reap the monetary, performance, and environmental benefits. Not sure how to change it? Bring your vehicle to Rolf’s, and we’ll get it changed so you can be on your way!

  1. Monitor tire pressure.

Properly inflated tires provide better performance, handling, and not surprisingly, improved fuel efficiency. Your vehicle works harder and uses more gas when tire pressure isn’t optimal. Under-inflated tires also wear down more quickly, which means you’ll have to replace them sooner—and tires aren’t cheap!

Your vehicle is a substantial investment, and gas is a necessary expense. But with smart driving and regular maintenance from Rolf’s Import Auto, you can save a little green each time you get in your vehicle… and help the environment in the process!

Wear green any day in March and let our crew know you’re feeling lucky to receive $50.00 off any new service. It’ll be your lucky day (or month)!