With the Memorial Day weekend upon us, and many of you are heading out of town. To ensure your family has a safe trip make sure to check a few things on your vehicle before you head out.

  • Windshield wiper blades and fluids: Make sure to top of your wiper fluid and clean your blades, if you notice your blades are getting worn, stop in to any Greg’s location and they will be happy to install new ones.
  • Turn and Directional Signals: Make sure that you test all turn signals, this is especially important if you are towing a trailer.
  • Brake Lights: Make sure while you are checking your turn signals you also check all brake lights.
  • Tires and Tire Pressure: It’s always good to keep a tire pressure gage in your glove box, checking your tire pressure before any long trip is very important.
  • Oil: Checking your oil every time you fill your vehicle with gas is always a great habit to get into, checking it before any long trip is highly recommended. Also, when is the last time you looked at that little sticker in the corner of your windshield? Are you past due, if so it’s not too late to call Greg’s and get an oil change before you hit the road.
  • Proof of Insurance: It is always good to double check your glove box and make sure you have all the up to date paperwork you need. Insurance card, registration things like that.

We hope that all our family, friends, customers and neighbors enjoy this long weekend. We hope you all have safe travels and a relaxing weekend. We are closed on Monday, but will be back and ready to help with all your vehicle needs on Tuesday. If you find you have squeaking breaks, tow oil and noisy belts we are here to help!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

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