Believe it or not, summer is on its way. Seriously! Don’t let the rain fool you. Soon we’ll be trading in our umbrellas for flip-flops. Even more exciting, it’s time to start planning summer vacations. Many of us will opt for one or more road trips, and that’s great! There’s no better way to enjoy the PNW than jumping in your car and experiencing everything our region has to offer. But before you put the pedal to the metal, check out these tips for getting your car into tip-top shape for the road ahead.


Start with basic maintenance…

To start, let’s talk basic maintenance. Here are a few steps to take before hitting the road:

  1. Check your brakes and tires for damage or strain.
  2. Inspect your battery to make sure it is charged up for your road trip.
  3. Take a look at your headlights, brake lights, and wipers.
  4. Make sure your fluids are topped off.
  5. Examine your hoses and belts.
  6. Inspect your battery to make sure it is charged up for your road trip.
  7. Check for recalls at gov/recalls and get any needed repairs ASAP.


…and end with a few items for your road trip checklist.

Here are a few things to scratch off your list before the fun begins.

  • Make or purchase first aid and supply kits. You never know when a blown tire, injury, or heavy traffic might leave you needing these essential items. For a complete list of items to compile, check out this list from Edmunds.
  • When was the last time your vehicle had a tune-up? Have you been hearing any odd noises lately? Any leaking fluids? Now is the perfect opportunity to get these issues inspected by a professional. You might wish you had if disaster strikes on your adventure!
  • Plan gas stops and bathroom breaks in advance. This will allow you to fill up before the tank hits “E”. Plus, stocking up on a few snacks and stretching your legs won’t hurt either!


Rolf’s Import Auto wishes you a fun and adventurous summer! Don’t forget that we’re here to provide you with services that will keep your trip fun and safe for the long haul.

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