Rolf's Import Auto are experts when it comes to repairs or service of your Porsche.  Take your Porsche to the experts for your water pump repair or replacement.

Let the experts at Rolf's Import Auto help you with your Porsche repairs and service. If you suspect your car is having issues with the water pump schedule an appointment at Rolf's and have one of our technicians inspect your car's engine.  If we find your water pump is failing we can make the necessary repair and get you back on the road.

Porsche water pump

Water Pump Replacement

The water pump is an important component the car's engine.  A dead or dying water pump cannot circulate coolant through your vehicle's engine.  The hotter the engine gets the greater the chance of serious damage, including a cracked engine block and damage to the cylinders, pistons, and head gasket. If you suspect your car's water pump is starting to fail you need to bring it to a qualified technician to diagnose the problem right away. Continuing to drive with something broken in your Porsche's engine can cause catastrophic damage to your vehicle. You can look at the owner's manual for the model of your Porsche for more details.

Indicators of a Failing Water Pump

  • Overheating
  • Coolant leaks
  • Corroded water pump
  • Whining or high pitched grinding noise from the engine
  • Water leaking from the front of the engine