Rolf's Import Auto are experts when it comes to repairs or service of your Mini Cooper.  Take your Mini to the experts for any oil service.

Let the experts at Rolf's Import Auto help you with your Mini Cooper services and repairs. If you suspect your car needs an oil service, schedule an appointment at Rolf's and have one of our technicians inspect your engine.  If we find an oil leak during the service we can make the necessary repair and get you back on the road.

Mini Cooper oil service

 Oil Service

Oil is an important component to any car's engine.  The oil protects the engine from extra wear and tear.  It is recommended to get the oil and filter changed every 5000 miles to ensure your Mini is working efficiently.  If the oil light located on your car's dashboard turns on call and schedule service immediately. Letting the oil run low in your car's engine can lead to serious damage and expensive repairs.  Let the professional technicians at Rolf's handle all of your oil service needs. You can look at the owner's manual for the model of your Mini Cooper for more details.

When to schedule an oil service

  • Oil Light indicator comes on
  • Low oil levels
  • Knocking sounds from engine
  • Exhaust smoke
  • Vibrations when idling