The Military has a rich history in the PNW. Our area has had the honor of having a strong military presence here since the early 20th century with the establishment of what we now know as Joint Base Lewis-McChord.


Fort Lewis is a training and mobilization center for all U.S. Army services, and McChord Field’s primary mission is worldwide strategic airlift. The base holds a key place in American military history, as it served as a major hub for bombardment and fighter training for World War II, and was a station for numerous fighter-interceptor squadrons during the Cold War.


We are used to seeing soldiers in uniform as we take our kids to school, grab our morning coffee, and go grocery shopping. We don’t even think twice about it—but we should.


The military strengthens our communities and our economy. Thousands and thousands of them go to work each day—and even put their lives on the line—to strengthen our country. Thousands more are retired military personnel who served at Fort Lewis or McChord AFB years ago and now call the Puget Sound area their home. Others are spouses who raise families and support their partner as they perform some of the hardest duties imaginable.


On Memorial Day, Rolf’s Import Auto likes to reflect on the amazing impact and sacrifice made by those in the military, particularly in our area. We thank you for your service and sacrifice. We remember those who lost their lives.


While we can never pay back what thousands of military servicemen and servicewomen have given for our country, we are offering $40 off any service for active duty and veterans of the armed services during the month of May. Thank you for all you’ve done for the Pacific Northwest and the United States.

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