Rolf's Import Auto are experts when it comes to repairs or service of your Mercedes.  Take your Mercedes to the experts to get your schedule A service.

Let the experts at Rolf's Import Auto help you with your Mercedes repairs and service. If it's time for your Mercedes schedule A service call and make an appointment at Rolf's and have one of our technicians complete your service.  If we find any issues during the service we can make the necessary repair and get you back on the road.

Mercedes schedule A service

Schedule A Service

Your Mercedes needs to be have a schedule A service every 10,000 miles or year whichever comes first.  It's important to keep your Mercedes on schedule with all services to maintain your car's reliability and operational safety.  In some cases any warranties depend on the owner keeping up with the recommended service schedule.  Maintaining the appropriate maintenance schedule can prevent expensive repairs in the future. You can look at the owner's manual for the model of your Mercedes for more details.

What is the Schedule A Service

  • Replace oil filter
  • Change motor oil
  • Check fluids
  • Check tire pressure
  • Inspect brakes
  • Reset maintenance counter