You’ve got fresh pencils, crayons, and folders. The lunches are packed. Soccer gear is in the gym bag. You’re ready to start the daily trips to and from school with your carpool full of kids. Wait… are you actually ready?


With a vehicle as full of precious cargo as yours, it’s crucial that you run through a maintenance checklist to ensure you and the kiddos stay safe on the road this school year.


Brakes, brakes, brakes!

We cannot stress this one enough: get a brake inspection. Your brakes are, without a doubt, your car’s most important safety feature. Now is the time to call Rolf’s and schedule an inspection. Prior to your appointment, pay close attention to your brakes. Are they squealing? Grinding? Bring your vehicle and observations to us and we’ll take care of the rest.


Check your visibility.

When it comes to optimum visibility, there are two major factors: lights and wipers. Check to make sure all headlights and taillights are operational. Do you see any dim, blinking, or broken bulbs? Replace them immediately.


With all the rain that is surely on the way, be sure to also test your wiper blades. They should completely clear all water off the windshield—not smear it. Blades should be free of any rips or cracking.


Ensure seat belts and car seats are used and installed correctly.

Always be sure that each member of the carpool is buckled in or in a car seat. Not sure if Timmy should be forward or rear facing in his car seat? Wondering if you’ve got him strapped in tight enough? Visit for information and resources. Some local fire stations can also inspect car seats to make sure they’ve been installed correctly—contact yours today!


Get a tune-up.

Think of a tune-up like a preventative care doctor visit. When you bring your vehicle to Rolf’s for a tune-up, we inspect everything and bring it to tip-top shape. It’s the best way to ensure your vehicle is ready for the museum field trips, dance recitals, and of course, the day-to-day excursions to school.


Rolf’s Import Auto wishes your family a great—and safe—school year!