It’s that time of the year when children and the young-at-hearts dress up in costume and hit the streets for trick-or-treating and Halloween fun. Our crew at Rolf’s wants to make sure that your Halloween this year isn’t only fun, but also safe. So we’ve provided this list of Halloween safety tips for you.

Bright costumes – Make sure that your and/or your children’s costumes are bright enough to be visible to drivers on the road. If you need to, wear some reflective gear.

Safe costumes – Make sure that costumes are short enough so that you or your children won’t trip on them. If wearing masks, make sure that it is comfortable enough to allow breathing and that the eyeholes are big enough and fit correctly to allow the best vision.

Be visible – Carry flashlights, glowsticks, etc. to make yourself even more visible to motorists.

Safe driving – Pay extra attention while driving, especially in residential neighborhoods. Drive slower than the posted speed limit. Limit distractions while you’re driving, like talking on cell phones, eating, playing loud music, etc.

Rolf’s would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween!!

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