Rolf’s Import Auto is dedicated to providing the very best to our customers—we won’t settle for anything less. We believe our success in providing safe, ethical auto service is because our clients trust us to care for their vehicles. With this in mind, we are celebrating Customer Appreciation Month by highlighting the importance of trust between mechanics and customers, giving special attention to the attributes that make this relationship positive and dependable.



A trusting mechanic-customer relationship begins with good communication. Establishing a positive report puts both parties at ease and opens the way for a conversation about the customer’s needs. Customers should clearly convey the symptoms they’ve been experiencing with their vehicle so that your Rolf’s Import Auto mechanic can diagnose the problem and suggest a solution.


Our mechanics also exercise excellent communication because they often need to translate technical jargon in a way that is both easy to understand and satisfactory to the customer.


Ethical & Realistic

Have you ever picked a service provider and wondered, “Are they going to up-sell me? Will they rush through the job at the expense of providing quality service?” You’re not alone. Every Rolf’s mechanic treats customers with respect, demonstrates a solid work ethic, and is committed to providing top-notch service.


When customers bring their vehicle in for service at Rolf’s Import Auto, they can trust that the mechanic is being truthful in his or her analysis. At the same time, customers must be realistic in their expectations. They may be told that the identified problem is systematic of a larger issue, requiring more work on their vehicle than they initially thought. A good mechanic—like ours—will communicate this during the diagnostic phase.



Our mechanics understand that your vehicle is one of your most important possessions. After all, it’s responsible for keeping you and your family safe. A good mechanic-customer relationship should be built on this understanding, with mechanics committed to quickly, yet thoroughly, identifying issues and suggesting solutions. They also stay on top of technological and mechanical improvements happening in the auto industry. It is our goal that this ongoing professional development builds your confidence in our mechanics’ reliability, knowledge, and problem-solving skills.


We Couldn’t Do It Without You

Whether you’re new to Rolf’s or have been a customer for a long time, we’re grateful that you have entrusted us to care for your vehicle. We look forward to assisting you in the future and building upon our mechanic-customer relationship through excellent communication, ethical and accurate service, and reliability.


Need to schedule a tune-up or auto repair? Visit Rolf’s Import Auto in August and receive $50 off any new service in honor of Customer Appreciation Month. We couldn’t do it without you!