When you think vehicle safety, think brakes. This crucial system is a top priority, as brake pads, shoes, drums and rotors all work together to keep your vehicle prepared for all terrain, weather, and road conditions. Performing regular maintenance on your brakes helps your vehicle stop quickly… which can save lives.

Here are four signs that it’s time to bring your vehicle in to Rolf’s Import Auto for brake inspection, repair, or replacement.

You’re picking up bad vibrations

If vibrations aren’t giving you the “excitations”, it’s time to get your brakes checked. Vibrations can occur in the steering wheel, brake pedal, or even the entire car when you apply the brakes. Oftentimes, vibrations indicate that your brake rotors are warped and need replacement.


This is perhaps the most obvious sign of brake issues—that ungodly squeal every time you apply the brakes. Grinding noises are also troublesome, and can indicate that your brake pads need to be replaced. In short, if your brakes are making noise, bring them to Rolf’s Import Auto for inspection.

To the left, to the left

Or to the right, to the right. Feeling your car move to one side when you apply your brakes? This issue can have many causes, including brake fluid leakage, misaligned brakes, or the beginnings of brake failure. Don’t ignore this annoying issue… it’s indicative of a potentially dangerous problem.

You can’t put the pedal to the metal

Well, you can, but something feels off. If your brake pedal has become hard to push down, it can mean that air has entered the brake lines or that you have low brake fluid. A pulsating pedal is also a warning sign of worn brake pads. In any case, pedal problems are best left to the brake experts at Rolf’s Import Auto.


Wondering what brake services we provide? Buckle up, it’s extensive:

  • Testing and Inspection Of Pulls, Noises, Fading or Other Braking Problems
  • ABS System Testing, Service or Repair
  • Complete Disc Brake Service or Repair
  • Complete Drum Brake Service or Repair
  • Wheel Cylinder and Caliper Replacement
  • Master Cylinder Service or Repair
  • Parking Brake Service or Repair
  • Brake Rotors and Drums
  • Machining
  • Power Boosters
  • Brake Fluid Flush and Service


It’s safe to say we’re brake experts. With fall and winter on the way, there’s no better time to ensure your brakes are ready for the road ahead.

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