Tacoma drivers: Does Your AC Blow?

Did you know that over time the Freon gas in you’re A/C System can Leak? Seal shrinkage and compressor inactivity during the colder winter months can cause your air conditioning system in your vehicle to leak Freon. Overtime, you will need to replace this Freon to maintain a cold temperature inside the car.

Typically we recharge the system with new Freon, adding oil to lubricate the seals and dye to diagnose leaks. Most parts stores have kits to properly recharge you’re A/C systems. There is difference when this is completed by a professional. Most times we use a machine that will extract the Freon, holding a vacuum on the system for a designated time to insure there are no major leaks in the system. We then fill the A/C System to the correct, factory recommended, level. We include a dye to the system so that if there are any small leaks, they can be detected at a later time if the A/C were to fail to perform to specification. The kits from the parts retail stores do not include this extra step and sometimes are vague in the instructions.

Overcharging the system can cause the A/C system from operating correctly as well. We always recommend that if you are uncomfortable in the task, let us help you with it. Typically most A/C Services cost $70.00 to $120.00 to perform, depending on the size of the A/C System. Some larger vehicle models have multiple Evaporator Cores and can use more Freon gasses.

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