Rolf's Import Auto are experts when it comes to repairs or service of your BMW.  Take your BMW to the experts to have your car's fluids flushed.

Let the experts at Rolf's Import Auto help you with your BMW and BMW Diesel repairs and service. If you suspect your car is having issues with the fluid systems schedule an appointment at Rolf's and have one of our technicians inspect your engine.  The service professionals at Rolf's can check and flush all serviceable fluids.  If we find anything wrong we can make the necessary repair and get you back on the road.

Fluid Flush-oil

BMW Fluid Flush

The fluids are necessary to any car's engine. Having the fluids flushed in your vehicle cleans out the gunk and grease build up, dirt particles and metal shavings that can accumulate in the serviceable systems. Fluid flushes are an important part of your BMW's maintainance to help keep it on the road for as long as possible.  These fluids are designed to protect your car's engine and prevent wear and tear which can lead to breakdowns and costly repairs.   You can look at the owner's manual for the model of your BMW for more details and service schedule for the fluids in your car's engine.

Serviceable Fluids

  • Radiator coolant (antifreeze)
  • Brake fluid
  • Oil
  • Transmission fluid
  • Air conditioning fluid (Freon)
  • Transfer cases in some vehicles-part of the drivetrain on 4 wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicles
  • Differentials-allows wheels to turn at different speeds