Can you feel it? Spring is on its way. The sun is staying out a bit longer, the birds are chirping, and the flowers are blooming. It’s time for a fresh start. As you break out the duster and vacuum to do a little spring-cleaning in your home, think about your car, too. It braves the elements, handles your muddy shoes, and becomes a receptacle for… well, everything.


Follow these five steps to a clean car that’s ready to cruise this spring.


  1. Stock your cleaning arsenal.

Do yourself a favor and grab all the supplies you’ll need right from the beginning.

  • Three garbage bags: one for trash, one for items that should go in the house, and one for items that will be placed back in the car
  • Cleaning cloths (extra points if they’re microfiber!)
  • Vacuum cleaner or shop-vac with brush attachment
  • Old toothbrush for detail work
  • All-purpose cleaning spray
  • Window cleaner
  • Detailing spray (optional)
  • Condensed air can (optional)


  1. Empty out your car.

And we mean empty. Car mats, car seats, garbage, knick-knacks, and other miscellaneous items should be removed and placed into one of the three garbage bags mentioned above.


  1. Get dusting and vacuuming

You’ll probably be shocked by how much dust and dirt has accumulated over the winter. Vacuum all upholstery and floors from top to bottom. Then dust all hard surfaces—the dash, buttons, rear-view mirror, center console, and arm rests. For the vents, use a condensed air can or a toothbrush and vacuum to remove dust.


  1. Roll up your sleeves and clean.

Grab your cleaning cloths and all-purpose cleaner and go to work. Every vinyl or plastic piece should get a thorough cleaning. If you have children, be sure to check the back of the driver and front passenger seats for footprints and be sure to get those door handles! For the tighter spots, use the toothbrush. Clean windows last.


For a freshly detailed look, use detailing spray to finish up. Spray a light coat over hard surfaces and wipe with a clean cloth. It will add a sleek sheen and extra layer of protection from future dust and dirt.


  1. Wash the exterior.

For environmental and water usage reasons, we recommend bringing your vehicle to a car wash to put the finishing touch on your hard work. You’ve earned it!


Take these steps and enjoy your sparkling vehicle. For the ultimate clean, bring your vehicle to Rolf’s Import Auto. We’ll make sure that your engine is running as spotless as your newly cleaned interior and exterior.

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