What do you do to cool down in the summer? Maybe go for a swim or whip up your favorite iced drink? These ideas may not work to keep your import cool, but there are things you can do to ensure your vehicle doesn’t overheat in the the height of summer, such as checking your coolant and looking after your air conditioning. Here are three tips for maintaining your import at a comfortable temperature and avoiding the harmful effects of overheating.

air conditioning

Replenish Coolant

Engine coolant is your import’s best friend in the summer season. The coolant fluid you put in your vehicle is mixed with water and circulated throughout your engine block to maintain a balanced temperature when weather conditions change. This keeps your import’s engine functioning in a balanced climate and also staves off corrosion.

It’s crucial to replenish your engine coolant before the summer heat starts beating down. Stick your head under the hood to check the levels of all your import’s fluids to keep your vehicle functioning properly, and consult your owner’s manual for more specific instructions. For example, your import’s mileage could affect which coolant you use, so make sure to do your homework.

Air Conditioning

There’s nothing worse than sitting in traffic as you sweat in the heat and fumble with your car’s broken air conditioner. Keeping yourself cool and comfortable is a necessity when our hot Pacific Northwest summer days roll around, but it’s also critical for the health of your car.

Just like coolant, air conditioning plays an important role in regulating the engine as the hot air it generates moves through a series of tubes and lines to get cooled by the compressor. There are several reasons why your import’s air conditioning may not be working, so bring it into Rolf’s Import Auto for a diagnosis. Whether your cooling system has a leak or needs to be flushed, Rolf’s will get it working in no time.


This tip may sound simple but it works! When you’re choosing a place to park, pick a spot that is or will be shaded over the course of the day. Picking a spot that’s protected from the sun prevents ultraviolet rays and solar radiation from damaging your vehicle and heating up its machinery unnecessarily. Not to mention, you will return to a car with a comfortable cabin temperature rather than one that is sweltering and hot to the touch!

If you have better things to do this summer than replenish your import’s engine coolant and maintain its air conditioning system, bring it to Rolf’s Import Auto in Lakewood or Fife for a complete check up. Rolf’s provides quality service and care that will prevent your vehicle from overheating in the hot weather and ensure you’re comfortable everywhere you go this season.