We are more excited than ever that summer time is almost here!  If you’ve got big plans for (safely) getting out, having fun, and taking advantage of all our PNW summers have to offer, this is the post for you.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—luxury performance vehicles require a higher quality of care to perform at optimum performance. When you invest under the hood of your import, you’re protecting your investment and prolonging its life. Luckily, summer is the time to get servicing done on your import.

Get protection from summer heat.

High temperatures can take a toll on our engines. With above average temps predicted across Washington for Summer 2020, overheating is a major concern. Be sure to get your coolant system serviced to keep your engine and radiator cool, calm, and operating at peak performance.

Bonus tip: The same goes for interior cabin cooling. If your air conditioning system isn’t cooling your cabin quickly or efficiently, get it serviced ASAP to keep yourself and your passengers cool all summer long.

Increase road trip safety.

Servicing your import in the summer helps protect you and your passengers on the road. Trips to Mt. Rainier, the coast, over the pass, and along the I-5 corridor may seem like another average trip, but engine failure and overheating can occur anytime, anyplace. No matter where it happens, it’s a serious safety concern.

Get your import checked out now—even if you think everything is fine. Our honest mechanics always have your safety in mind. We’ll make sure your import’s complete engine system is ready for summer trips long and short.

Show it off!

Let’s get real—you have an awesome import! It’s stylish, sleek, and the envy of every other ho-hum vehicle on the road. Get it serviced now so that you can get out and get cruising. After all, it’s a shame for a car like that to be sitting in a garage all summer!

Rolf’s Import Auto is ready to provide the specialized care your import requires so that you can cruise securely, safely, and stylishly all summer long. Schedule your next appointment today so you can hit the road tomorrow!

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