October is a time when we get a thrill from things that go bump in the night. Haunted houses, creaky stairs, bat squeaks, and ghosts are all welcome.  But when it comes to your vehicle, there are a few noises you don’t want to hear any time of the year. Here are a few scary sounds that you shouldn’t ignore this fall.


Knocking, popping, or humming under the hood.

You’re driving and suddenly you hear a knocking from under the hood—it actually sounds like a door knock. Or perhaps you hear ‘pops’ emanating from the engine. Unfortunately, the causes for these sounds can be difficult to pinpoint. Depending on the exact noise you hear, issues could be a clogged fuel filter, an ignition problem, or a dirty or worn spark plug.  Humming in particular can signal a transmission problem, which should definitely be checked out by your trusted mechanic.


Squealing when applying the breaks.

This is an easy one to detect—for both you and those outside your car. Brake issues can necessitate simple fixes or complete replacement, as problems can range from dirty brake rotors to completely worn down pads. In any case, brakes are one of your car’s most important safety features, so head to your mechanic to have your brakes inspected as soon as possible.


Grinding when shifting.

This one is for you manual transmission diehards out there! Always listen carefully when you shift. Grinding is not a normal sound and could indicate a problem with the clutch. While it may just require a simple adjusting, it could also signal a more serious transmission issue.


Excessive noise or squealing when accelerating.

The sound of a revving engine is music to the ears of car enthusiasts. But when it grows into a loud roar or transforms into a squeal, something isn’t right. Common culprits are the transmission, clutch (for manuals), or the exhaust system. Get your car checked out.


So as you enjoy all the sights and sounds this creepy month has to offer, don’t ignore the spooky sounds coming from your vehicle. Head to Rolf’s to get your car ready for trick-or-treating and trips to the haunted corn maze. Let’s leave the scary sounds to the ghouls and goblins.