Grab your umbrellas and don your rain jackets—it’s getting wet outside!

As the fall season carries on, colder temperatures and increased precipitation will lead to slicker roads and hazardous driving conditions. It’s important to prepare for our Pacific Northwest weather by giving your vehicle special care and maintenance that will keep you safe. Check out these tips to ensure your car is ready for rain.


Windshield wipers are often your first line of defense against precipitation. You’ll use your wipers much more often in the fall and winter months, so now is a good time to inspect and even replace them if needed. Take a moment to replenish your windshield fluid too.


When it comes to driving in wet weather, you never want to get caught with damaged breaks that have worn down over the course of the year. Avoid this danger by bringing your car in for a check up right away! Then you will be ready for whatever weather the season may bring.

Lights and Signals

Darkness falls earlier in the fall and winter months, so make sure your vehicle’s headlights, turn signals, and brake lights are operating correctly. Completing this step is not only for your own protection, it is also for the safety of other drivers and pedestrians you pass.


Halloween is just around the corner. Safe driving is especially important on October 31 when children and families will be out trick-or-treating and visiting friends and family. When you’re driving on Halloween, keep safety in mind by adhering to the speed limit, yielding to pedestrians, and refraining from passing cars that may have stopped to let people pass in front of them.

Rolf’s specializes in quality care and service, providing complete vehicle check ups that allow you to focus on other things—like having a fun and safe October!

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