As the season winds down and we bask in the final rays of summer, the care and maintenance of your luxury performance vehicle might be the last thing on your mind. But getting your import back to premium condition after the heat and road trips of summer is very important, as rising temperatures can cause harmful effects to vehicles if left unchecked. To avoid this costly damage and ensure your luxury performance vehicle is ready for fall, check out these suggestions to get it back in tip-top shape.

Engine Fluids

Refreshing your engine fluids at the beginning of every season is important, but it’s especially crucial after your car has endured the scorching heat of summer. Check off this step by refilling your coolant, motor oil, and power steering, brake, and transmission fluids.

Radiator Hoses & Belts

Don’t forget to check your radiator hoses and belts. Stick your head under the hood to confirm they are operating as they should, and if not, get them fixed right away. Misaligned or damaged hoses and belts could result in a very bad and expensive day.


Your import has driven through all kinds of weather and various road conditions by the time summer comes to an end, so it’s important to give your tires a thorough examination. Take this opportunity to rotate your all-season tires or even consider replacing them if necessary.


Don’t let yourself get sidelined by damaged brakes. Freezing rain and snow in the winter followed by dry heat in the summer may have caused your brakes to grind down and wear out, so get them checked out at Rolf’s Import Auto before fall begins in earnest.

Wiper Blades

Getting caught with worn out or ineffective wiper blades can be very dangerous. Throw out your old wiper blades that have endured various weather conditions over the year and purchase new ones that will protect you in the new season.


Break out your soap or take a trip to the nearest car wash, because now is the time to give your import a good cleaning. The exterior and underbody of your vehicle should be washed clean of dirt and dust on a regular basis to avoid erosion and rust damage. Finish the job by applying wax to protect its finish.

The key to getting your import back in shape after summer is committing to its maintenance and care. Rolf’s Import Auto can do the work for you, offering premier tune-up services that will ensure all these steps are completed with care. Call us today to schedule an appointment.