Congrats! You’ve just been handed the keys to a new (or new to you) vehicle. In between admiring the paint job, handling, speed, and interior, invest time in caring for your new ride. Doing so will help the vehicle last for the long haul… and look good while doing it. Here are a few places to start:

Get to know your car

Perhaps the best way to protect your car is to learn about it. Take time to read the owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for service. Not only will this keep your new car in top shape, it will also help you stay within the bounds of your warranty. Be sure to pay special attention to oil change frequency and oil type.

Care for the exterior

Keeping your vehicle clean and polished protects it from the elements and maintains the paint’s vibrancy. Wash your car regularly and invest in a quality wax or polish. This crucial step acts as the barrier between your vehicle’s paint and the harsh PNW weather and terrain.

Basic maintenance and checks

Just because your vehicle is new (or new-ish) doesn’t mean it you shouldn’t perform regular maintenance and checks under the hood. Here are a few of the basics. (For everything else, come to Rolf’s Import Auto!)

  • Air filter: Check the air filter every few months. Simply hold it up to a bright light. No light passing through? Change it. A dirty air filter can hurt fuel economy and overall performance.
  • Belts: On a new car, you shouldn’t have to worry about quickly-wearing belts. But it can’t hurt to check! Periodically check the belts for wear, cracks, and frays.
  • Fluids: Here are the five fluids to keep an eye on: coolant, power steering, engine oil, windshield wiper, and brake.

Congrats on your new vehicle! While the tips above will help you keep your car in solid shape, nothing replaces regular maintenance by a trusted mechanic. If your new ride is an import, Rolf’s Import Auto should be that trusted mechanic. We’ll create a custom care plan to keep your vehicle feeling as new as the day you drove it off the lot!



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