Do things seem a bit off in your import lately? While summertime is the prime time to get out and cruise (cue thoughts of you, an iced coffee, your favorite song, and the wind in your hair), this season is often an unfortunate culprit of vehicle woes.

But all is not lost! You can still make plans to cruise all summer long by taking a few proactive steps now. Here are a few common import issues we see during the summertime. Don’t worry—we’ve also got you covered with solutions!

A Dead Battery

Doesn’t it seem like each PNW summer gets warmer and warmer? These rising temperatures can cause battery fluid to evaporate, which can result in a dead or faulty battery. Here are a few tips to avoid this all-too-common summer bummer:

  • Keep the top of the battery clean—dirt can be an energy conductor
  • Add distilled water to keep it cool
  • Have your electrical system checked to ensure the battery is charging correctly—Rolf’s Import Auto is a great place to start!

Tire Pressure Fluctuation

Summer heat can affect tire pressure and threaten your summer road trip plans. As the heat rises and falls, the pressure can fluctuate beyond or below the correct level. This can result in poor gas mileage, decreased performance, or uneven tire wear—all costly issues that can be easily avoided by:

  • Conducting a visual inspection while you’re inflating your tires—check for signs of tire damage to avoid a flat
  • Learning the manufacturer recommended tire pressure (check the owner’s manual)
  • Purchasing a tire pressure gauge and checking your tires at least once a month

Malfunctioning A/C

Have you noticed that your air conditioning isn’t quite what it used to be? Or is it simply not working at all? A few common issues include continuous hot air, odd noises, a weird smell, or leaking fluid. Fixing these common A/C issues are easy—and luckily, out of your hands. Simply bring your vehicle in to Rolf’s Import Auto. We’ll get the system back to its cool, operational self so you can keep it chill all summer long.

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