Doesn’t it seem like everything has its own day or month? National Puppy Day! Pancake Day! Oral Hygiene Awareness Month! Jazz Appreciation Month! While these may be fun to celebrate, April is home to National Car Care Month—a time when you can evaluate your car and stay safe on the road. This is a month worth paying attention to! Here are three ways to get in the spirit… and safely cruise all spring and summer long.


Stop putting off important repairs

Just because a repair seems small, doesn’t mean it won’t have a major impact on your car’s performance and safety. Small issues can quickly become big issues, and big issues can be expensive. Make a smaller investment now to avoid a larger one later.

Past due for an oil change? Schedule it. Out of wiper fluid? Refill it. Squeaky breaks? Get them checked. Plus, doing these repairs during spring will allow you to drive with peace of mind on all of your summer adventures.


A clean car is a happy car

Think about the amount of rain we’ve had in the PNW this year. The dirty roads, never-ending puddles, sheets of rain, and light snow haven’t necessarily been kind to your car’s exterior. Wash off winter by heading to your nearest environmentally friendly car wash, and don’t shy away from going deluxe. The special finishes and waxes will help protect your car as the rains continue.

We also recommend vacuuming your car to get that ground in dirt out of the interior upholstery. Add a new air freshener, and your car will look (and smell) like a million bucks!


Warm up to a tune up

Tune-ups are the unsung heroes of vehicle care. Think of them as a check-up for your car. An expert will inspect, check, and fix any issues that have occurred or might occur in the near future. This includes the engine’s fuel-system components, spark plugs, ignition, filters, oil, fluid levels, and more. You wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) go years without a check-up. Don’t let your vehicle, an expensive piece of machinery that you use everyday, go without either.


So let’s gear up for National Car Care month! There’s no better time to enhance the performance, aesthetics, and safety of your vehicle… and Rolf’s Import Auto is here to help.

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