With temperatures rising and sunglasses becoming part of your everyday wardrobe, there’s no doubt about it—summer has arrived! It seems like summers in this region are growing hotter with each passing year. As temperatures continue to creep up, special care and maintenance will be necessary to avoid the costly and damaging effects of hot weather on your vehicle. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind.



It’s likely your brakes went into overtime during the winter season as they withstood rainy, snowy, and icy weather. Take this opportunity to make sure your brakes aren’t grinding or worn down.


Engine Fluids
The changing of the seasons is a great reminder to replenish the fluids in your engine, including motor oil, coolant, and transmission, power steering, and brake fluids.


Belts & Radiator Hoses
Take a look under the hood to make sure your belts and hoses are all working properly. Damaged or misaligned belts and hoses can spell disaster, so dedicate some time to their care.


Believe it or not, heat and sun exposure can damage the surfaces inside your car as well. In order to prevent the cracking and fading of your interior, consider applying a protectant to your seats, steering wheel, and dashboard.


By the time summer rolls around, your tires have driven on many terrains and through various weather conditions. If you use winter tires, it’s time to switch those out for regular tires. If you don’t own or use winter tires, consider rotating your all-season tires, or if needed, replace them.


Wiper Blades
You probably used your wiper blades frequently during the winter and spring seasons. (It’s the PNW, after all!) It may be time to purchase new blades so that you’re ready for a sudden downpour or dusty road.


It’s not often that we think about the care of our vehicle’s underbody. But the start of summer is a great time to give your car’s underbody a good spray in order to wash away dirt and prevent rust and erosion.


Summer is a crucial time to give the outside of your vehicle a thorough clean. Just like its underbody, your car’s exterior needs to be washed regularly to prevent rust and erosion on its surface. Once that step has been completed, apply some wax on your car to further protect its finish from the damaging effects of the sun.


We know that maintaining your car and preparing it for hot weather can be tedious, especially when you would rather be preparing for your vacation get-away or organizing your kids’ summer schedules. So why not let Rolf’s do the work for you? Rolf’s provides the best tune up service in town, checking off the necessary tasks that will keep your vehicle safe and comfortable in the coming months.