Rolf's Import Auto are experts when it comes to repairs or service of your BMW.  Take your BMW to the experts for your oil leaks.

Let the experts at Rolf's Import Auto help you with your BMW and BMW Diesel repairs and service. If you suspect your car is having issues with oil leaks, schedule an appointment at Rolf's and have one of our technicians inspect your engine.  If we find your engine is leaking oil we can make the necessary repair and get you back on the road.

BMW oil leaks

Oil Leak Repair

The oil is a vital component of keeping your car's engine running smoothly.  The oil protects the moving parts in the engine by providing lubrication and removal of dirt and other debris that can cause damage. Oil leaks are serious issues that can harm your car's engine, radiator, heating and cooling systems, and pollute the environment.  Hoses and seals can fail because of accumulated oil.  Also oil leaks can pose a risk of fire. If ignored a small oil leak can lead to expensive repairs if not addressed. You can look at the owner's manual for the model of your BMW for more details.

Indicators of an Oil Leak

  • Dark puddles underneath your car
  • Smoke coming out of the engine
  • Dashboard oil light flickers
  • Overheating engine
  • Smell of burning oil