Brake System Services

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Brake Repair & Service in Fife & Lakewood, WA

Excellence in Brake and Safety Performance

The safety and reliability of the braking system in your Audi, VW, BMW or Mercedes is absolutely critical—there is no room for compromise. Our expert mechanics provide the highest quality brake service and repair, backed by years of experience, ongoing training, and the most up-to-date technology and tools available. Our ASE Certified Technicians take the safety of your braking system seriously, and will ensure that your brake system provides maximum protection and stopping power for you and your family.

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Brake Services and Repairs

  • Testing and Inspection Of Pulls, Noises, Fading or Other Braking Problems
  • ABS System Testing, Service or Repair
  • Complete Disc Brake Service or Repair
  • Complete Drum Brake Service or Repair
  • Wheel Cylinder and Caliper Replacement
  • Master Cylinder Service or Repair
  • Parking Brake Service or Repair
  • Brake Rotors and Drums
  • Machining
  • Power Boosters
  • Brake Fluid Flush and Service