Have you ever considered how much trust you place in the individuals who perform service on your Luxury Performance Vehicle? You’re entrusting them with the most precious people in your life. Your spouse in the passenger seat. Your children in the back seats. Not to mention you in the driver’s seat. That’s why it’s crucial that you don’t bring your import to just any mechanic.

There are several reasons you choose our crew… and here are a few of the random ones in case you’ve forgotten!

You can schedule online.

Who has time to make a phone call these days? Jump on your computer or phone and schedule your next appointment online. We make it easy to enter your information and select a time. You don’t even have to stop your Netflix binge. Just schedule, come in, and be on your way.

We run regular promotions.

Luxury Performance Vehicles aren’t cheap, so why not save a little money on their maintenance? We run regular promotions to help out your budget. So, if you’re debating whether you really need that service or maintenance (hint: you probably do), head over to our Promos page and make it happen… for less.

We have an awesome website and blog.

We mentioned our online scheduler and promos page earlier in this post, but have you actually taken the time to check the entirety of our website? We have a ton of information about the types of service we provide, as well as staff bios, our mission, Nationwide Warranty, Roadside Assistance, and more!

Plus, you’re reading one of the very best parts of our website: this blog! Don’t forget to check back regularly for monthly maintenance tips, reminders, and other import info!

Yes, the premier quality of our services is the crowning jewel of Rolf’s Import Auto. But we believe the little things like our time-saving scheduling, money-saving promotions, and an awesome website elevates us to a whole new level of outstanding.

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